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Breach Report is in the process of uploading the full database of breaches during October 2019

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Find yourself among the 9 211 772 466 billion records of internet data breaches

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A user subscribes to her favorite blog
Hackers attack the blog site and steal user data
The compromised user data gets shared on the dark web
Breach Report finds the publicly available databases on the darkweb
User is alerted about the hacked accounts and updates her passwords.
Criminals intend to exploit it for illegal activities but fail because of outdated information.

4 basic measures to regain
control over your personal data

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  • Real-Time Monitoring

    Get real-time updates about your email account’s status.

  • Proactive, not reactive

    Breach Report brings you reports that record real-time credential leaks, with a constantly updated database.

  • Detailed Reports

    Get more than just a notification. Get detailed reports from Breach Report, which includes the source, type of attack, scope, and more about the breach.

Do you know that on average, there has been one major data breach every day in 2019.

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