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Regain control over your stolen information

Preventing a data breach is not easy, if not impossible! But even if it does happen, be one step ahead of the bad guys

Regain control

Stay safe despite being hacked

If a company you’ve entrusted with your personal information gets hacked, you don’t have to be left in the dark. Take the safety of your data into your own hands

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Subscribe to our 24/7 monitoring service and take our security tips to resolve the breaches and minimize the risk of being breached in the future

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by protecting your customers and partners

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Monitor the security

of your corporate accounts with the interactive web-app

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Use Breach Report API

to integrate cybersecurity monitoring in your digital services

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highest security standards

We handle all data with respect to the highest security standards

Strictly adhering to all privacy regulations and our zero-knowledge policy, we do not have access to users’ passwords or any other sensitive data

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Read about the latest data leaks

Read about the latest data leaks and trends in cybersecurity

We report on notable leaks in the cybersecurity sphere, with special attention devoted to the best practices in combating and preventing them in the future

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Did you know there have been on average 20 discovered data breaches each day in 2019?

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