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29 June 2020


25 629 hacked accounts

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In 2020, login credentials and security questions of 25,629 accounts from Paparazzi Revista Argentinian paparazzi magazine were leaked. The website has not been mentioned in data leaks news before. The hacker who published the database in a forum alleged that breach took place in 2020, without any further information regarding the techniques. Paparazzi Revista database is made of usernames, emails, dehashed passwords and security question. Although the leak is not expected to bring about further direct data theft, it might be stuffed into other databases. Hence, if the same credentials are used in other platforms, we advise you first to check your status in BreachReport. Then, change your logins including usernames and e-mails since security question might still be used.

username, email, password, security question

username, email, password, security question

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Remember, you can also lose your bank details, social security numbers, business and personal records in account takeovers.

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