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14 September 2020


11 843 hacked accounts

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In September 2020, Singapore Intimates an online erotic shop allegedly came under an attack exposing thousands of email addresses, MD5 hashed passwords and salts. The database has been shared exclusively in a hacker forum in 12 September 2020, in package of different versions of dumped data. Published by a reputable member of that hacker forum, SG Intimates database does not offer us traceable leads to understand hacking technique. BreachReport found the database to be legitimate with nearly 19,000 unique email addresses, 11,843 of which is coupled by hashed passwords. It is important to note that exposure of user accounts in such a site provokes further attacks on reputation of people. The users are strongly advised to check their status and change their passwords. Also the further attacks might include blackmailing, if you receive such messages or calls immediately contact law enforcement.

email, password

email, password

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Remember, you can also lose your bank details, social security numbers, business and personal records in account takeovers.

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