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29 June 2020


41 480 hacked accounts

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In November 2019, 41,480 login credentials stolen from The Safe House gaming forum. BreachReport analysed and found the file to involve usernames, emails and passwords. There is only one mention to the event by a competitor, which only identifies the domain. The breach date is marked as alleged by the sender while analysis has not reached a conclusion regarding the exploits used for stealing data. The nature of the forum, which is usually used by minors and sometimes might include personal data, raises concerns over the threat of cyber bullying and identity theft. We strongly advise the users of the forum and guards to take action against danger by checking their status on BreachReport.

username, email, password

username, email, password

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Remember, you can also lose your bank details, social security numbers, business and personal records in account takeovers.

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