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14 September 2020


1 380 hacked accounts

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In 14 September 2020, login credentials from Usability Score Card a business solution for measuring UX performance were found leaked. They were dumped by a collector which recently has registered to that hacking forum. There are no indication regarding the true breach date and hacking technique. However, data form hints us of a brute force attack with a special configuration for certain domains. The database has been checked by BreachReport: 1,380 sets of phone numbers, email addresses and MySQL5 hashed passwords are unmatched with our cumulative database which is the largest of the world. MySQL5 hashing algorithm is one we rarely see, it is works like two SHA-1 hashing processes operating on different halves of the same text. Administration of the website decided to restrict new registrations and gradually discontinue the service. The users are advised to check their status in our database for free and change their passwords or preferably delete their accounts there.

email, password, phone number

email, password, phone number

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