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03 August 2020


1 489 hacked accounts

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In 26 March 2020, a photo printing service ChatBooks was a victim of a great scale attack. The company was notified of the incident in 5 May after first breakout of the leaked file, conducted by a threat actor who started a spree of giant leaks and sales in a forum he registered in April. There are no statements regarding how the breach was possible. The original package which was on sale for $2,000 had consisted of nearly 15 million records, including 2.5 million unique email and password pairs alongside social media tokens, phone numbers and personally identifiable information. The company has stated that there is no evidence of financial data and photos are being affected by the incident. One of the redistributed parts of the file has been acquired by BreachReport in July, it includes 1,489 unique accounts with emails and individually salted SHA-512 hashed passwords. Even though the encryption method is superior to most you can find out in our database, it is still a need to replace your passwords.

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email, salted hashed password

email, salted hashed password

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Remember, you can also lose your bank details, social security numbers, business and personal records in account takeovers.

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