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03 August 2020


507 hacked accounts

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In 27 July 2020, 1.3 million login credentials from an US-based interior design service Havenly were put on sale in a dark web forum. The database is a part of spree of leaks which were perpetrated by a well-known threat actor, who uploaded and sold leaks from 18 different massive companies and hundreds of millions of login credentials. The company initially kept silence regarding the incident, however in August 2nd it was officially confirmed. There are no details regarding attack methods, vulnerabilities and exhaustive list of breached data types. The package which was seized by BreachReport is made up of emails and MD5 hashed passwords, which is known to be a very weak hashing algorithm. The users are warned to check their status in our database, replace their passwords with stronger ones and ask the support centre of Havenly for clear explanation of the precautions taken against such an incident.

email, hashed password

email, hashed password

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Remember, you can also lose your bank details, social security numbers, business and personal records in account takeovers.

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