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$ 4.99/mo

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$ 1.99/mo

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Stop worrying about losing your private data

Monitor the security


Subscribe to monitoring and never worry again about potential leaks of your private data

Monitor the security

Learn fast and act quick

We will tell you when we find you in a public leak and tell you exactly what to do

Monitor the security

Stay safe

Breach Report runs in the background even when the Portal is closed, constantly monitoring for leaks and allowing you to go about your business, stress free

Instant email notifications

The moment we discover your account credentials in a leak, we will notify you via email or the Chrome extension so you can act immediately. This way, you can change passwords for each of the potentially affected accounts and regain control over your private data, stopping any breach in its track.


Reports page

After a breach notification, you will be able to access the report with all the details about your breached passwords and the data theft risk assessment for each account. Then, you can take steps to secure your accounts, keeping a record of all the incidents you responded to.

Chrome Extension for even easier checks

Download the Chrome extension, and you’ll gain direct access to your account statuses. You won’t have to go to the Breach Report Portal any longer.

In addition to that, the Breach Report extension will show you if the website you’re visiting has been hacked before.


Security guidelines

Learn about things you must do to stay safe and reduce the risk of losing your accounts, data, and money. Take your security into your own hands by going through our list of steps on how to mitigate the risks and protect yourself.

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