What to do if you’ve been breached?

You searched for your email in Breach Report’s database and realized that you’ve been breached?

You are not alone! There are more than 2.6 billion unique email addresses breached. Don’t panic. Take a moment to read the instructions below. Take action and stay safe.


IMMEDIATELY change the password of the compromised email.

Create a strong and complex password by:
1) using special password generatorы and managers like 1Password, Dashlane, LastPass, or
2) make one yourself.

Make sure that password doesn’t contain words and uses symbols, digits and uppercase letters. This is necessary so that hackers and criminals don’t gain access to other private information linked to the compromised email address, as passwords which contain meaningful text are easily cracked.


Change the password of the compromised account.
If hackers retrieved some information by hacking the website where you have an account - it doesn’t mean that you have to delete said compromised account. You can still keep using it, but you will need to change the password to a new, unique one.


Check for the same passwords.
If you used the same password for two or more accounts, change them and read our recommendations on How to minimize the damage of a data breach. Otherwise, you allow hackers to take more of your private info and therefore possibly use your identity for criminal activities.


Add 2FA to your accounts.
This extra step will help you protect your data by adding an extra layer of security.


Stay informed about your compromised data.
Purchase our PDF-report through the landing page or Portal Dashboard and analyze your compromised data. Some of the breaches include sensitive financial and identity information, so if a cyber criminal has the dataset which contains your credentials he can work out a way of stealing your money and possibly identity. If your bank account or credit card numbers were included in a breach, alert your bank about the possible scam and discuss preventive measures with them.


Spread awareness and contribute to overall cyber security.
Contact the support team of the hacked site if you think they are not informed about the breach of their website. You will help others to get informed and to take measures against possible data theft

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